Draconian Tattoo Studio - FAQ's
Draconian Tattoo Studio - Aberdeen, Scotland, Est. 1994.

Q: Can you give me a price for -your design-?
A: You will need to pop into the studio, that way we can take a look at your ideas and get your design sized up to give you an accurate price. Unfortunately we cannot price designs over the internet/phone.

Q:Do you do walk ins?
A: Yes, please see here for more information.

Q:What is your minimum charge?
A: £40

Q:Do you tattoo the sides of fingers/hands?
A:No,unfortunately we don't. These areas of the body do not hold ink very well, so your tattoo will fade very fast and won't hold up well over time. We take pride in all of the tattoos we do and don't want to tattoo anything that we know just won't look good in a few years time.

Q:How long is your waiting list?
A: Usually it's a few months for larger pieces, but for smaller pieces we do have slots a week or two in advance. We book up to a maximum of 3 months in advance. Once the diaries are full we put them on hold for a wee while. This system allows us to keep the waiting lists down - that way we aren't booked up years in advance. We do also have cancellation lists that our customers can be added to if they so wish, that way if any spaces do become available we can get in contact with you.

Q: Can you draw up designs before I book my appointment?
A: Our artists are generally too busy drawing every night for their appointments the following day, that they don't get the chance to draw designs for clients that aren't booked in. However, our apprentice Fiona is more than happy to draw up your design for you. Please check out her page in the artists section, and contact her at the studio to arrange this.

Q:Can I get tattooed when pregnant or breastfeeding?
A: For the safety of both mother and baby we do not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Added trauma to the body at this time can be dangerous.

Q:Can I get tattooed under 18, with parental consent?
A: It is illegal to tattoo anyone who is under the age of 18 regardless of parental consent. Valid ID (driving license or passport) may be required for proof of age.

Q: Do you do white ink/UV tattoos?
A: Unfortunately we don't do tattoos solely with white ink. This is because they won't hold up well over time. We take pride in all of the tattoos we do and don't want to tattoo anything that we know won't look good in a few years time.

We do not use UV ink as there hasn't been significant testing on these inks to ensure they are safe to use.

Q: What aftercare instructions do you recommend?
A: Please see here for our full aftercare instructions.

If you haven't found an answer to your question on this page, please contact us here.

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